Seahorse Frequently Asked Questions / Where do seahorses live?

Seahorses are found in temperate, subtropical and tropical oceans around the globe. They don’t live in freshwater, though some live in river estuaries that meet the ocean where the water is partially saltly, this water is called “brackish”. They can only tolerate the salinity (or “saltiness”) of the water that is about half as salty as the ocean, any lower and they can perish.

Most seahorses live in shallow waters, under 20 meters (60 feet) but some are found at depths of over 100 meters (300 feet). It’s possible more go even deeper, as much of these deep water habitats are unexplored.

Seahorses live in a range of habitats, but tend to prefer either seagrass beds or coral reefs. Some species, such as the pygmy seahorses, live on a single coral. It’s not known if they live on one coral their whole lives, or if they stay on a single coral. Seahorses also like man-made structures, and are particular to shark nets. In Australia, divers help remove seahorses before replacing old nets to keep from disturbing them.

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