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Other Seahorse Relatives

What is a ghost pipefish?

A ghost pipefish is a distant relative of seahorses and pipefish. While they share the name “pipefish” and have some superficial similarities, they are not very closely related. They are from the genius Solenostomus, thought to have branched off from the ancestors of seahorses and pipefish early in their evolution. They have a tubular mouth, similar to seahorses and pipefish, but they have stout bodies, and large fins. In ghost pipefish, it is the female carries the eggs, which she holds between her pelvic fins. They grow less than 6″ (15cm) and are only found in tropical oceans in the pacific. They are often found together in pairs, with the male being the smaller of the two. There are 5 species recognized, though a few more are recognized by some taxonomists.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish - Solenostomus paradoxus

Ornate Ghost Pipefish – Solenostomus paradoxus Photo by Nick Hobgood



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