Plea  To  Conserve  Sungai  Pulai

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Photo by C.K. Choo

Photo by C.K. Choo

Sungai Pulai is a very special estuarine ecosystem that should merit the status of a national heritage. The intertidal seagrass bed at the Pulai river mouth is the largest known contiguous meadow in the whole country – home to seahorse, dugong and other rare species, and also a fisheries powerhouse. It is something we, as Malaysian, cannot afford to lose. Read more about Save Our Seahorses effort to preserve this amazing place.


I would like to draw your attention to the above matter:

2. It is saddening to learn that the proposed project on the petrochemical and maritime industries at
Tanjung Bin, Johor, has been approved without much consideration for the environment. This has
sparked objections and resentments from the public and NGOS.

3. Sungai Pulai, where the proposed project is planned, has a top ranking in terms of ecological
significance as compared to other estuaries in the country. The most prominent feature of Sungai
Pulai is its possession of the largest intertidal seagrass bed in Malaysia and supporting the densest
seahorse population of the species Hippocampus kuda. Other rare species found includes the
saltwater crocodiles, dugongs and migratory birds which are listed on the IUCN Red List of
Threatened Animals.

4. Since part of Sungai Pulai has been designated as a RAMSAR site, it is not justified to bring in
further heavy development such as the petrochemical and maritime industries. The proposed
development is bound to cause irreversible damage to the Sungai Pulai ecosystem functions. In
consequence, the failure of our country to preserve the RAMSAR ecosystem integrity will render
Malaysia blacklisted by  the  Ramsar  Bureau  and  this  will  tarnish  our  country’s  image.

5. On the other hand, petrochemical wastes are notoriously harmful not only to the environment but
also to the health of the local communities. Many malignant tumours are inflicted by long term
exposures to petrochemical wastes as proven by published peer-reviewed scientific journals. There
is a significant number of local communities living less than 1 km from the proposed petrochemical industries site whose life could be in jeopardy. If ever a petrochemical plant has to be built, Sungai
Pulai is not the place.

6. The plea to conserve Sungai Pulai has been echoed by close to 5,000 people from around the
world. They have lodge an online petition and stated their comments at A printed copy of the petition is also
attached for your perusal.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter and for taking the matter seriously. We
hope prompt action will be taken to halt this project and we look forward to hearing a response from
you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Choo Chee Kuang
Project Leader,
Save Our Seahorses

Full publication with petition responses [PDF].

Updates about the Pulai River Estuary can be found at

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  1. Tom Says:

    What’s the latest on this??

  2. Clarrise Vermont Says:

    I think they are doing the right thing to do. This information help us and its a good thing to start now than risk and destroy them. As we all know dumping harmful chemical on our water will also endangered them. Let’s make a move now than never.

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