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  • Snout Rot

    By | Date posted: 06/25/2004

    Snout rot is the erosion of the skin around the snout of a seahorse. Similar to and likey caused by the same pathogen as flesh-eating bacteria, Vibrio spp., snout rot can often be controlled with pre-treatment before the seahorse is released into the display aquarium. The disease may be cause either by fungal infection (in which case the snout will be pinkish) or bacterial infection (in which case the snout will be white). Continue reading

  • Seahorse Tankmates: What’s Safe, What’s Not?

    By | Date posted:

    There are quite a lot of animals that will do exceptionally well with seahorses while still allowing the seahorses themselves to thrive. To guide seahorse keepers in stocking their seahorse tanks with non-seahorse inhabitants, this article contains a list of species that are appropriate for keeping with seahorses. Continue reading