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  • Net Pen Raised Seahorses Part II

    By | Date posted: 03/17/2010
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    If you ever see a seahorse for sale at your local fish store like the one pictured here, pass it by. You’ll be saving yourself money and heartache. When you see a seahorse at your local fish store, you’re most likely to see a Kelloggi a.k.a. “Great Seahorse,” which is the most commonly pen-raised seahorse. It’s not because they make great pets or because they are hardy. Continue reading

  • Net Pen Raised Seahorses

    Seahorse Cages By | Date posted:

    Some of you are new to seahorses, and you may be wondering, “What’s the difference between True Captive Bred and Tank Raised/Tank Bred/Net Pen Raised?” These terms are very confusing, even to your local fish shop. Learn what Net Pen Seahorses are and why you should care. Continue reading