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  • Pipefish Fact Sheet

    Worm Pipefish By | Date posted: 03/07/2010
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    Pipefish Facts Habitat: ┬áReef, Lagoon, Seagrass, Estuary, River Diet: Mysis shrimp, plankton, small crustatceans, insects, worms and small fish Size: 1 inch to 26inches Species: 200+ species, part of the Syngnathidae family that seahorses belong Threats: ┬áHabitat Loss, Overfishing for … Continue reading

  • Pygmy Seahorses

    By | Date posted: 08/04/2009

    What is a pygmy seahorse? Pygmy seahorses are part of the genus Hippocampus which all seahorses belong. They are minute seahorse species found through the world, most less than one inch in size. Most species have been discovered within the past 10 years. Since then, they have become one of the most popular creatures for recreational divers to seek out. Continue reading