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  • Where To Buy Seahorses and Pipefish

    By | Date posted: 07/01/2008

    Here are some sources online for captive bred Seahorses. You can often have your Local Fish Store order captive bred Seahorses for you if they don’t have any available. It is strongly advised that you always purchase captive bred seahorses over wild caught, as they live longer, arrive healthier, and are easier to feed. If your store is unsure,pass. Captive bred pipefish are a much harder find, but at least one wholesaler in Australia breeds them. Continue reading

  • Seahorse Biology & Anatomy

    Seahorse Anatomy Male Female By | Date posted: 07/12/2007

    Seahorses, and their relatives the seadragons and pipefish, all belong to the family Sygnathidae (pronounced sing-nath-I-dee) from the Greek words syn meaning together and gnathus meaning jaw, which describes the tubular, fused snout that is common among relatives of this … Continue reading