Seahorse Canada: Canadian Seahorses At Last!

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Seahorse pair

A flirty pair of seahorses from Seahorse Canada.

Canadians have long had trouble getting true captive bred seahorses. CITES has had the unfortunate side effect of restricting access to Captive Bred seahorses to Canada, and while a few overseas companies do ship across the border, it’s a difficult process. No more! Seahorse Canada has recently opened it’s doors, specializing in captive bred seahorses.

Their first offering is the Lined Seahorse Hippocampus erectus. H. erectus are considered the hardiest of the seahorses, making this an excellent first offering. This is doubly good news, as many of the tank raised seahorses that make it into Canada tend to species that are more difficult to keep.

Three lined seahorses with cirri.

A beautiful group of Lined Seahorses showing long cirri, the fleshy growths that help them blend into algal environments.

And did I mention they’re true captive bred seahorses? Seahorse Canada is a home based breeding facility, allowing Angelo Guaragna, his girlfriend Eve Herman and Thanny, the resident “seahorse whisperer” , to monitor their seahorses 24/7 and ensure they are getting the best care. Those of you familiar with seahorses know that many tank raised  seahorses fair poorly in home aquariums, so having access is to true captive bred seahorses north of the border will make seahorse keeping a much easier prospect for Canadians.

Yellow Lined Seahorse behind rock

Yellow Lined Seahorse showing the bright colors they can achieve.

I took a few minutes of their time to ask how they got started. Eve had her first experience with seahorses at 8 years old, given to her by her mother; this started a lifelong love of seahorses.  Just under four years ago, her interest in seahorses sparked the set up of a few marine tanks. The care and attention of Thanny, along with help from saltwater expert Colin from Reef Boutique Toronto, helped to inspire them to take their passion to the next level. So, after a few years of research and experimenting with different species, foods and environments, they have been successful in breeding H. erectus and are currently in process of trying to breed H. reidi. Eve, Angelo and Thanny, were able to get their breeding operation off the ground.

Orange Brazilian Seahorse

Seahorse Canada is currently working towards raising the ever popular Brazilian Seahorse.

Seahorse Canada is currently researching shipping methods, and have shipped as far as Ottawa. They are continuing to research  best shipping practices so they can offer their seahorses to aquarists across the country.

Seahorse Canada hopes to offer supplies and specialty foods for seahorses soon. And they are currently working with the Brazilian Seahorse, H. reidi, which they plan to offer in the future.

Oh Canada, you have your seahorses now!

Tank full of juvenile H. erectus

Many beautiful seahorses available to Canadians.



4 Responses to “Seahorse Canada: Canadian Seahorses At Last!”

  1. sue Says:


    What lovely seahorses you have i just love the ones with the long cirri,I have only had two with cirri but they were no where near as long as your ones.Keep up with the good work you are doing.

  2. Tobi-Dawne Says:

    How exciting! I’ve been a long time admirer of sea horses, and many (many) years ago looked into the CITES requirements… it was enough of a pain that it kept me from importing. H.Erectus were always my favourites, so perhaps – once they’ve got shipping all worked out – I may at long last have a couple pairs out here on the Canadian Prairie. 🙂

  3. Kes Says:

    Wow! Fantastic news!

  4. kelli Says:

    I contacted the company and they do not ship across Canada and the resource they gave me for my area (BC) vary rarely gets them in stock so nope no seahorses for me 🙁

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