Where To Buy Seahorses and Pipefish

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Captive bred seahorses are the ideal choice when keeping seahorses, but they are a bit of a specialty animal, and even if you can find one at your local fish store, they are not always the best source. This list is a number of places you can find captive bred Seahorses and Pipefish for sale.It is strongly advised that you always purchase captive bred seahorses over wild caught as they live longer, arrive healthier, and are easier to feed.

If your store is unsure, pass. Captive bred pipefish are a much harder find, but a few species are starting to be available. Be wary of tank raised seahorses, they are somewhere between captive bred and wild caught in terms of health, but are often passed off as the same.

A company appearing on this list is not a sign of endorsement from FusedJaw.com. It is highly recommended you research the company you’re interested in. You can check for reviews in google, or go over and ask in our forums. Some companies also sell wild caught and tank raised seahorses, be sure to verify what you are getting is true captive bred seahorses.


Seahorse Australia
Potbelly Seahorse, Breviceps, Whites, Barbouri and Kuda(?)


Seahorse Canada
Hippocampus erectus

France (République française)

aquarium race hippocampes

Ecurie Marine
H. reidi

Germany (Deutschland)
Aquarium-Nachzuchten Seepferdchen

H. reidi, H. barbouri, H. kuda, H. fuscus, H. erectus, H. comes, H. guttulatus, H. abdominalis, H. zosterae, H. angustus
Die Seepferdchen, die sie verkaufen sind beide in Gefangenschaft gezüchtet und gefangen von der wilden. Achten Sie darauf, nur kaufen, die in Gefangenschaft gezüchtet. Die Seenadeln sind aus der Wildnis gefangen.
(Captive Bred and Wild Caught seahorses. Be sure to clarify which they are and only buy captive bred.) Their pipefish appear to be wild caught.


Seahorse Aquariums
Seahorse breeder and fish shop.

Japan (日本)
Seahorse Ways
(Captive Bred seahorses available in Japan.)

Kaiba World
(Some captive bred seahorses, along side wild caught seahorses. Live food available as well.)

Portugal (República Portuguesa)

Hippocampus reidi

Spain (España)

Tienda de Caballitos.es
Algunos de los caballitos de mar parecen ser tanque crecido, además de aquellos criados en cautividad. Considere la compra de los caballitos de mar sólo criados en cautividad. Las agujas de mar también se llevan sólo silvestre, y no son buenos para la mezcla con los caballitos de mar nacidos en cautividad.
(Appears to have some tank raised and captive bred seahorses, along with wild caught pipefish. Wild caught pipefish are not good companions for captive bred seahorses.)

United Kingdom

Simply Seahorses
Carries captive bred, tank raised, and wild caught seahorses. Be sure to clarify which ones you are getting.

Seahorse Breeder
Captive Bred seahorse breeder and supplier.

Captive bred seahorses. Editors Notes: Seahorse Source is frequently recommended and I’ve yet to hear a bad thing about them. They would be my first choice in the US.

Southwatch Seahorse Farm
A fairly new company, they’ve only been around a couple years but I’ve been hearing positive reviews of their seahorses.

Seahorse Corral
Family run operation specializing in H. erectus and H. zosterae. Consistently receives glowing reviews for their seahorses.

Some Tank Raised and Captive Bred seahorses for sale. Diver’s Den is a great resource for captive bred seahorses, frequently carrying ORA seahorses.

Sachs Systems Aquaculture
Captive bred H. erectus.

ORA – Wholesaler
Several species of seahorses available. Check with your Local Fish Store if they can order from ORA for you.

They frequently have captive bred seahorses available, and recently started carrying captive bred blue stripe pipefish. Note, they also carry tank-raised seahorses, which are more risky to keep – be sure to verify you’re getting captive bred.

Ocean Rider
Captive bred seahorses and captive bred banded pipefish.

Captive bred Hippocampus ingens by Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal

Captive bred Hippocampus ingens by Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal

This is an evolving list. If you know of any additional suppliers, please comment on this article or email webmaster@fusedjaw.com.

Other Sources

If you are looking for captive bred seahorses and none of the above places work for you, there are still some options. Check your local fish and reef clubs, chances are someone there is a breeder. Try your local fish store as well – while may fish stores are out of their depths with seahorses, you might be able to have them order some direct and pick them up while still in the bag. We also have a growing list of breeders from around the world that breed seahorses: Seahorse Breeders List.

16 Responses to “Where To Buy Seahorses and Pipefish”

  1. Felicia McCaulley Says:

    Dan at seahorsesource.com is the best!

    Most of my seahorses came from Liveaquaria, they are the “Black Seahorses” (H. erectus) which are truly captive bred in Mexico in enclosed systems, not in net-pens. Be aware, though, that all H. Kelloggi seahorses being sold right now are being raised in net-pens, and do not make suitable pets.

  2. Kera Says:

    I like this but what is minimun aquarium size for a pipefish and seahorse because I have an 20 and i wanted either one?

  3. Aquagrrl Says:

    20 gallons is a little small, but you could probably comfortably keep a pair of H. fuscus in a 20 gallon or a pair of blue stripped pipefish. Dan at SeahorseSource.com has H. fuscus.

  4. MARILYN Says:

    Fuscus are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations! I tried twice to keeep them and they got sick and died. I am keeping erectus and dwarfs with no problems!

  5. Karen Says:

    Anyone know where there are Tigertail aka h. comes for sale in the usa. I found one place in the uk but there silver and black and I want yellow and black. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays

  6. Aquagrrl Says:

    Tigertail seahorses are extremely difficult to come by these days. I have a single male, and he arrived as a fluke as part of a shipment of “colored” tank raised seahorses. I’ve heard similar stories from others. That was last spring, and I’ve been checking local stores with no luck.

    ORA used to raise them but stopped. I don’t know the details but it sounds like their business isn’t doing so well and they have cut back on the fish they’re raising. I’ve also heard from hobbyists that raising the fry is proving to be difficult.

    Can you post the place in the UK that has them? I’d love to find out who their distributor is. Maybe if enough people are interested, a supplier could get them in.

  7. elle Says:

    thanks for all the useful information here! i don’t have any experienced but loved to take care of seahorses. my question is, if ever i decided to buy seahorses, do i need to buy bought male and female? hope someone here can answer my question. thanks!

  8. elle Says:

    wow very nice colorful seahorses you got there… how much would it cost to ship these seahorses? would it be a good idea if i buy seahorses that are fully grown?

  9. sky Says:

    Are the sea horses from Cramers Caribbean Critters healthy? I know they’re wild caught so I’m leaning torward the more expensive captive raised. How does collecting the dwarf seahorses affect the species in the wild?

  10. Michael Says:

    Don’t know how old these post are but cramers carabien critters I a really good place for seahorses

  11. Keeping Seahorses: Three Keys to Success | FusedJaw: Seahorses, Pipefish & Seadragons Says:

    […] It may not always be possible to observe a seahorse before purchasing considering some of the best sources are online. Which is why it is so important to be sure to choose only a reputable dealer. If you do purchase online, be sure to watch for these traits right after purchase so you can notify the vendor if there are any problems with your newly acquired stock. Some online sources of seahorses. […]

  12. omar castillo jr. Says:

    where can i get brigh red seahorses that dont cost a million dollars,also is there any one who has a purple one for sale.thanks omar

  13. Meena Says:


    I am looking to buy some Tiger Tail sea horses, does anyone know who has some for sale.

  14. admin Says:

    I don’t know of any breeders in the UK. You may want to check out our list of commercial sources and hobby breeders.
    You might also want to try the Seahorse Breeders Registry for a global list of seahorse breeders.

  15. Matthew Says:

    Were can I order some hippocampus tuberculatis in the united states ?

  16. Felicia Says:

    There were rumors months ago that a shop in Illinois ordered some H. breviceps, which could be either brevis or tubers, from a wholesaler I know…then we heard nothing more. Wild caught seahorses, especially cool water seahorses, have poor survivability in pet stores. I doubt they are still living. It is a shame they didn’t go into the hands of a breeder. The wholesalers are searching for us (my LFS is owned by one of my best friends who is also a seahorse enthusiast.) hopefully we will find some soon. When we do find some for breeding, we will blast it all over the internet lol

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