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This site, for all it’s flaws, is a labor of love. A friend of mine recently told me if I can’t make money on something, I shouldn’t waste my time writing it. I had to counter, I write because I can’t not write. I’m not paid for this, I do this both out of a love for seahorses (well, all syngnathids, really) and to help others so they don’t have to struggle through what I and other aquarists have. And I want to share what I’ve learned about their research along with conservation efforts around the world, as well as the threats on only faced by seahorses, but all ocean life.

I don’t make a any money doing this, and despite spending countless hours writing and sharing, I don’t see this site ever becoming a money making venture. But there is more I want to do. I have ideas for site features that I don’t always have time to  implement or research I can’t do because I’m cash poor. And there are the server fees; is growing to the point that at peek usage, things are slowing down considerably and I need to upgrade to a beefier server like yesterday.
Update 5/6/2014: Thanks to generous donations from our readers, was able to upgrade to a faster server. Thank you all for your ongoing support! Direct member and reader support is very important to us.

Here is where I turn to you, the reader to help out. If you really like this site, I would appreciate any donation, no matter how small. It all adds up. You can send money via paypal to


Alternative Help

But there are other ways you can help, even if you are unable to donate directly.

1) Shop Amazon. If you shop Amazon, and want to support the website, then you can help out by doing it via my affiliate link. I do not make a lot of money this way; about 4% on qualifying purchases. But every tiny bit helps.

2) Donate Equipment. The majority of what I write about is based on personal experience. I’m in the process of trying to expand on a shoe string budget, and am strapped for resources going to both my fish room and this website. If you have old equipment you no longer need but selling on craigslist is a hassle please send it my way! I’d be extremely grateful. What I need the most are: Large UV sterilizers, large pumps, protein skimmers, bulkheads. And if you’re in the Milwaukee, WI area, I need some used 20 gallon high aquariums to start breeding pipefish. Contact me to make arrangements.

3) Wishlist. If you’d rather send a gift over donating money, please check out my Amazon wishlist.

4) Sign up as a supporting member. The forums have paid memberships for supporting the website. You can become a paid member by signing up at Once logged in, go to profiles – > Account Settings -> Actions -> Paid Subscriptions.

Non-Monetary Help

1)  Spread the word.  Link to your favorite articles and pictures via your blog, tumblr, wordpress, twitter or facebook. Links back to my site help increase ranking in search engines, which increase correct knowledge about seahorses out there.

2)  Write for  I’m always looking for authors at all skill levels. If you know about seahorses, and have an idea,  email me.  Conversely, if you want to give writing a try but aren’t sure exactly what to write but are open to research, I have some article ideas for someone to work off of.

3)  Share your ideas.  I want to grow the site as much as possible, and I’m interested in any ideas you have that might help towards that goal. I’m especially interested in ideas that help further the goal of diving, sustainable breeding, conservation, and research.


At the moment, is self-funded, but would consider a sponsorship or other advertising. If you are interested in sponsoring on this site, and are a good fit, we can work something out.


I am currently open to reviewing products that would be beneficial to seahorse keepers. Please get in touch if you have a product you think would be worthwhile for me to look at.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support.

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