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Our goal is to share updated, factual information about all members of the syngnathiformes group, such as seahorses, pipefishes, sea dragons, sea moths and the rest of their kin.

Fusedjaw.com was started as a repository for sharing knowledge about seahorses and their relatives. As the site grows, we hope to accumulate more knowledge of their biology and husbandry, as well as conservation measures to save these animals from extinction.

Seahorses especially, but many of their relatives, are caught around their world for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as souvenirs, and in the home aquarium. While legislation has passed and seahorses added to the CITES list under appendix II, many countries which heavily use seahorses have declined to participate. Many other participating countries poorly track the seahorse trade. Seahorses are also the target of poachers around the world.  Habitat loss,  pollution and climate change also threaten the seahorse and it’s relatives.

Aquarists, researchers, and conservationists alike are fighting to keep these animals alive and available for future generations to enjoy though captive breeding programs, habitat protection, legislation, and education. At Fusedjaw.com, we’re dedicated to furthering those goals by bringing like-minded individuals together to learn and exchange information; as well as inspire the next generation’s interest in seahorses.

Mr Mori and seahorse. Photo courtesy of Nemo's great uncle

Mr Mori and seahorse. Photo courtesy of Nemo’s great uncle

Not sure where to start?

The Meet Strange Syngnathiformes is a good overview of seahorse relatives. The Conservation section has some articles for those interested in preservation of seahorses in the wild. If you are thinking of keeping seahorses in the aquarium, 10 Things You Should Know is probably the best place to start.

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