• iSeahorse Launches to Track Seahorse Sightings

    Seahorse and Diver By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 10/19/2013

    Project Seahorse launches iSeahorse.org website and iPhone app to help track sitings of seahorses around the world. If you’re a diver or just spend some time near the ocean, please consider signing up to help gather data about seahorses. Every sighting helps! Continue reading

  • The Pygmy Pipehorses of Cozumel

    West Atlantic Pygmy Pipehorse By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 03/20/2012

    One tiny seahorse relative flourishes in the waters of Cozumel, but often goes unnoticed. The West Atlantic Pygmy Pipehorse is a diminutive, slightly bent cousin of the seahorse that rarely grows larger than 2 inches. They hitch like seahorses, but look more like pipefish with mostly straightened bodies. Continue reading

  • Pygmy Seahorses Code of Conduct for Diving & Photographing

    Pygmy Seahorse By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 07/05/2011

    Pygmy Seahorse expert Dr. Richard Smith just released a great guideline for divers and photographing pygmy seahorses. Pygmy seahorses, the inch and under relative of the seahorses most people are used to, are beloved by divers around the world, and frequently over-loved and even harassed by divers looking for these diminutive treasures. Continue reading