Aquarium Care

  • How To Pick Your First Seahorse: 12 Common Seahorse Species Explored

    Three Seahorse Species By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 01/18/2015

    Picking the right seahorse for your aquarium can be a daunting task. Here we break down the most commonly available seahorses and the relative ease (or difficulty!) of each of those seahorse species. Continue reading

  • Pipefish For The Reef Aquarium: Part Two, Husbandry

    dragonface pipefish in aquarium By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 09/17/2014

    Now that we’ve discussed which pipefish are appropriate for the reef aquarium in Pipefish For The Reef Aquarium: Part One, The Pipefish, we can look at acquiring and caring for your pipefish. Picking Your Pipefish When purchasing pipefish, there are … Continue reading

  • Pipefish For The Reef Aquarium: Part One, The Pipefish

    2 yellow banded pipefish By Tami Weiss | Date posted:

    Pipefish are frequently overlooked by reef aquarists, either because they are assumed to be incompatible with reef aquariums, or because they are overshadowed by their seahorse cousins. There are 200+ recognized species of pipefish in our oceans, many are stunning … Continue reading

  • Hot Summer, Cool Seahorses: Cooling The Seahorse Aquarium

    Seahorses In A Desert By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 07/26/2014

    Hot summers can be deadly to seahorses. Find out the different ways you can work to keep the temperature down during heat waves. Continue reading

  • Seahorse Canada: Canadian Seahorses At Last!

    Seahorse pair By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 02/22/2014

    Canadians have long had trouble getting true captive bred seahorses. CITES has had the unfortunate side effect of restricting access to Captive Bred seahorses to Canada, and while a few overseas companies do ship across the border, it’s a difficult … Continue reading

  • A Modern Guide to Buying Seahorses

    Seahorses In a Tank By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 04/15/2013

    Are you considering purchasing seahorses but are unsure of where to start or afraid they are too difficult? Seahorses do need a specialized setup, but are not nearly as hard to keep as they once were. Advances in breeding have … Continue reading

  • Seahorse Deathtrap

    SereneSeahorses By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 08/09/2012

    The seller of this aquarium kit eventually listened to public concern and took some advice from breeders, including myself, on how to make a kit that was suitable for seahorses. However, it was an unsustainable model and they went out … Continue reading

  • Don’t Sump That Seahorse! Refugiums Are Not A Happy Seahorse Home.

    Refugium/Sump Combo By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 03/21/2011

    Seahorses don’t belong in refugiums. Yet this is one of those frequently reoccuring questions that comes up repeatedly by many people considering seahorses. I’m not sure what the appeal is – perhaps the knowledge that they need a specialized setup, … Continue reading

  • So You Want To Set Up A Seahorse Tank

    By Laurie Smith | Date posted: 01/02/2011

    Laurie Smith gives us a brief overview of what is needed to get started with seahorses. So you want to set up seahorse tank. Welcome to the obsession. The Tank The fist thing I recommend is to buy the largest … Continue reading

  • Net Pen Raised Seahorses Part II

    Hippocampus kelloggi By Felicia McCaulley | Date posted: 03/17/2010

    If you ever see a seahorse for sale at your local fish store like the one pictured here, pass it by. You’ll be saving yourself money and heartache. When you see a seahorse at your local fish store, you’re most likely to see a Kelloggi a.k.a. “Great Seahorse,” which is the most commonly pen-raised seahorse. It’s not because they make great pets or because they are hardy. Continue reading

  • Net Pen Raised Seahorses

    Seahorse Cages By Felicia McCaulley | Date posted:

    Some of you are new to seahorses, and you may be wondering, “What’s the difference between True Captive Bred and Tank Raised/Tank Bred/Net Pen Raised?” These terms are very confusing, even to your local fish shop. Learn what Net Pen Seahorses are and why you should care. Continue reading

  • My Thoughts On Seahorse Keeping

    Seahorse Aquarium By RayJay | Date posted: 11/08/2009

    RayJay, an experienced seahorse aquarist and mainstay of seahorse forums, shares his insights in to how to keep seahorses successfully. Continue reading

  • 10 Things You Should Know Before Keeping Seahorses As Pets

    Keeping Seahorses as Pets! Photo courtesy of shellac By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 04/13/2009

    1. Yes! Seahorses can be kept as pets. As long as you have the proper aquarium set up, and take take proper care of them. They are protected by international law, but that means their trade is regulated, not prohibited. … Continue reading

  • Dwarf Seahorses As Pets

    Newly Arrived Dwarf Seahorses By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 02/23/2009

    Dwarf seahorses, Hippocampus zosterae remains an ever popular, easy to care for aquarium pet. The basics of keeping them are quite simple as long as you follow a few guidelines. Continue reading

  • Where To Buy Seahorses and Pipefish

    Captive bred Hippocampus ingens by Eliezer Zuñiga Villarreal By Administrator | Date posted: 07/01/2008

    Here are some sources online for captive bred Seahorses. You can often have your Local Fish Store order captive bred Seahorses for you if they don’t have any available. It is strongly advised that you always purchase captive bred seahorses over wild caught, as they live longer, arrive healthier, and are easier to feed. If your store is unsure,pass. Captive bred pipefish are a much harder find, but at least one wholesaler in Australia breeds them. Continue reading

  • Flagtail Pipefish In The Home Aquarium

    Blue Striped Pipefish, Doryrhamphus excisus By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 11/09/2005

    Flagtail Pipefish, named such because of their large, brilliantly colored tails that they use in courtship and territory displays, is one of the free swimming types of pipefish from the genus Doryrhamphus and Dunkerocampus. The wonderful thing about these pipefish is that most fair quite well in captivity, unlike many other pipefish species. However, there are still some obstacles that need to be overcome when keeping these interesting fish. Continue reading

  • Keeping Seahorses: Three Keys to Success

    Tigertail Seahorse in home aquarium By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 09/12/2005

    It wasn’t long ago that seahorses were considered “impossible” to keep in captivity. Many believed they were only suitable for those with massive resources such as public aquariums. If the home aquarist were to attempt to keep seahorses, they needed to live near the ocean so they could collect food on a daily basis, and even then, they only met limited success. Continue reading

  • Example 29 Gallon Seahorse Aquarium – Basic

    Seahorse Aquarium With Artificial Corals By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 09/11/2005

    One issue that new seahorse keepers struggle with is what exactly they need for an aquarium setup to keep seahorses. Having never kept fish, it can be difficult to pick out what precisely is needed to get started. Here is a list of basic equipment and a price brake down, to give an idea of the specifics of cost and equipment to get started. Continue reading

  • Seahorse Tankmates: What’s Safe, What’s Not?

    Pipefish can make very interesting and unique seahorse tankmates, although they pose some of the same problems as wild-caught seahorses. By Will Wooten | Date posted: 06/25/2004

    There are quite a lot of animals that will do exceptionally well with seahorses while still allowing the seahorses themselves to thrive. To guide seahorse keepers in stocking their seahorse tanks with non-seahorse inhabitants, this article contains a list of species that are appropriate for keeping with seahorses. Continue reading

  • Fish Stores Say The Darnedest Things: 20 Misconceptions About Seahorses

    Not A Worm! By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 06/22/2004

    Seahorses are shrouded in as much fantasy as fact, and much misinformation exists about them. Much of this is perpetuated by ill-informed fish stores, some by the media sensationalizing the almost unreal seahorses. Twenty of the most common misconceptions are addressed here. Continue reading

  • Seahorse Care Guide

    Lined seahorse in aquarium By Lisa Darmo | Date posted: 10/17/2003

    As many aquarium hobbyists know, seahorses and related species have different needs than other marine fish. This article was created to assist anyone that is interested in keeping these fascinating fish. Continue reading